I hope that by this project new, young photographers get in contact with film (maybe for the first time).
And that they enjoy it.
My second hope is that they then get a bit further and explore the new media in more detail. Discovering the unique qualities of real 35mm slides projected with a good 35mm slide projector (the hint to real slide projection is already given in the introduction video).

And then they see that 35mm slide projection (and of course 120 projection, too) delivers an outstanding quality which significantly surpass digital projection.

During the last years I've compared (together with some other experienced photographers) all new beamers to slide projection:
And in all cases the beamers (even the most expensive 10,000 bucks examples) had absolutely no chance in direct comparison to slide projection with a good projection lens.
The resolution, sharpness, color brillance and color tonality of the slides significantly surpasses all beamers to a very great extent.
With beamer technology you pay 3,500 bucks for a 35 MP DSLR, and then you pay another 10,000 bucks for a beamer.
And the beamers reduce your 35 MP to the extremely low values of 2-4 MP.
It is absolutely ridiculous what the industry is offering here: Vastly overpriced gear which gives much too low quality.

But with slide projection you get outstanding quality at very low prices.