In pre-history rollfilm (meaning wide and not inconveniently long) would be see-sawed through trays containing a few inches of the chemicals.

Dunk one end in the tray and lift while dropping the other hand with the other end of the film. If the hands going-down and lifting-up are at the same speed, then a part of the film should stay in the liquid. Repeat steadily for the appropriate time. The drips from the film mostly stay on the film if the speed is not too fast, but nevertheless don't put the dev-tray within splash range of the stop-bath if you want to re-use it!

I have only ever tried it once, and that was for an ortho film so I could more or less see in the dim safelight. Far too messy for me, but I'm sure it would get easier after the first dozen rolls - it was common for half a century or so after all.