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Henning Serger - If I didnt know better Id say you were deliberately trying to steer business away from us, in many of your posts you supply info like your advertising for these other labs..
Mr Wood, your bashing of other forum members is not acceptable.

And fact is, that it is exactly the oppsite of what you are saying:
You are permanently trying to steer business away from other international BW reversal labs.
For years you've had the statement on your website that you are the last quality BW reversal lab in the world.
And that is absolutely not true, it is a lie.

And your permanent talk that only you are able to develop BW slides properly, and all other BW slide labs in other countries don't know what they are doing and can't achieve quality....well, no need to further comment that marketing BS.
I've had films send to you in the past.
And I've send films to three other BW reversal labs. The results of your competitors have been better.
And the service has been better, too.