Hmm lots to respond to...

I think the confusing thing is this...

I had trouble pouring the chemical out because the drainage holes were too high so I added wax to lift up the level o reach the holes flat, I wouldn't process color film in this (heat + wax = bad) but B&W is fine.

The point of 70mm is to shoot and process 15 feet (5 meters?) at a time, of you have to shoot shorter lengths in order to process in smaller reels, it kind of defeats the purpose.

Also, FYI 116 reels are 70mm tall so you don't have to re-design new 120/220 spirals just buy a 116 reel/tank and use that, but again, you only get like 1 meter to process at a time. That's what I use to test new 70mm for exposure / processing if its expired.

Anyway my "daylight" 70mm tank isn't FULLY light proof, but as long as it's not high noon, it seems to work fine.

I wish I could see a picture of a real 70mm daylight tank, I wish some nice person would offer me one lol


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