The Retro 80S and 400S (and the similar Super Pan 200) are Agfa Gevaert aviation type films which give quickly a pretty high contrast. Also the Retro 400S is about E.I. 200-250 only in most developers.

In Rodinal/R09 o.s. the Retro 80S has a strong S-curve logD shape, so imo it is less suitable for this developer. A49 is already better and In HC-110 E.I. 50 (Retro 80S) and the Retro 400S E.I. 200 is not too bad but HC-110 is a quick building up in contrast developer so experiences in a more semi-compensating type developer like D74 or (the same) Rollei High Speed -DC (RHS-DC) Double Concentrated, gives clearly a better result. The regular dilution is 1+15 (inverse development) or 1+20 in rotary development.

All aviation type films are sharp and fine grained. The trick is to tame the contrast and make a large Grey tonal scale. All films are made on Clear Polyester layer (S = Synthetic) so you also have to take care of the "light piping" effect, especially with the 35mm films. But like always you should load and unload your films in subdue light.