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And? If nations decide to censor site like this because of nudity is displayed its up to those who govern those countries and if democratic, the voting public. Would you like the leaders of The Arabic Emirates, Iran, China or Pakistan to decide what content is ok for you to watch. Its me alone who decide what sites I or my kids visit

No and thats exactly why you can't generalize or make decisions on behalf of others just like some people let their kids watch movies with questionable content others wouldn't some are ok with nudity and some are not but its their call not APUG's or any othter websites

I might not be young enough but i do have two (3 and 7 YO)

That no excuse. If you bring kids into this world their wellbeing, safety, health and education is your responsibility not mine and if you are not up to it you better get up to it and seek advice and knowlegde from someone who does have the skills. Consulting the other parents from your kids class is one approach that work well.
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I support this statement to its entirety (the retort not the original).


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