Hello there,

My Fuji GA645 started giving an error message. Looking the camera over I found a broken flat cable inside the lens carriage.
It is not completely torn, just two wires are broken.
This fits the problem: the camera turns on fine, but when one fires the shutter, the shutter itself does not open and the error message kicks in.

I searched the web for a way to fix flat cable, but they are not possible in such a tight space.

I sent the camera to Fuji here in Brazil and got it back along with a letter telling me it is a great paper weight.

I searched a few camera parts stores on the web and found no parts for this camera.

Before I attempt to disassemble the entire camera and seek out a similar flat cable to replace this one, does anyone have a better idea? Knows somebody who sells these parts? Knows a place where they fix these cameras?

Thanks for reading!