I take it you do not have the original manual. Not sure what probe covers you have either.

Using the NG on color neg test negative in the enlarger, work on printing a neutral grey print, with an exposure time of 5-15 seconds.

Then you set the channels, ideally with the masters all set at 50. I use the spot probe cover on NG subjects for channel 1. I also use the semi integrating (about 2" round disc with wierd under surface cover for NG on channel 4 . I use neutral skin tone on channel 2 spot, channel 5 semi integrating. Then I have a setting which gives a warmer skin tone, which gets chanels 3 and 6.

There are other ways.

You are not postal wise a million miles from me.

PM me, and I will make a copy of the manuals I havem and mail them to you.

I think you posted elsewhere here that you have the Frances Shultz articles from Darkroom User already?