I'm entertaining the idea of getting a IIIc/IIIf in the future for a compact RF solution.

I have a Leica M but sometimes it is too large/heavy. Overall, I love M.
I have a Kodak Retina IIIc but the ergonomics aren't that great. I don't mind the squinty viewfinder but sometimes it is hard for me to focus and it also flares. I don't think any folder will be beter.
I had a Canon bottom loader for a short while and it was OK. I found myself using the high magnification to focus then low magnification to compose. Overall I think Leica's divorced RF/VF is better than Canon's combined RF/VF.
I thought about a CL, but Leica LTM's are just that much cooler.

I understand that it is squinty and without framelines, but I do not mind this particular aspect.

1. Does the viewfinder flare?
2. Is the viewfinder tinted?
3. Any experience focusing in low light?