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Somewhat OT but related: While I don't agree with your statement, I do have an issue here... but it's definitely not with nudes in the APUG gallery. My issue is with my HOME ISP that is blocking websites. They're CENSORING what sites I can visit. I complain but they never reply to me. They know they are the single viable high-speed option anyone in this rural area has so they force their puritanical censorship on us all. It's either that or they're trying to save bandwidth. Either way, they're controlling and cheated their customers. So one day my ISP may ban APUG as a site that hosts nude photos. But I'd NEVER support their attempts at censorship. Okay... now I've worked myself up and am steaming angry at my ISP.
Don't you have bi-directional* satellite internet connections? You don't need to be physically connected to an internet service provider to have broadband access.

Here in Italy I have a friend who lives somehow "in the countryside" (not what an American would think when he thinks countryside. Let's say, a small centre with no cable high-speed provider) and he installed this bi-directional satellite device at basically the same cost of a normal internet connection. There is an upper bandwidth limit but is very large.

* Bi-directional. Old type satellite connection required a phone line for the upload. Satellite was used only for download. Internet connections need constant bi-directional link so one had to keep his phone line engaged (or use his ADSL upload stream in any case) in order to use the satellite stream. Modern systems allow upload by satellite and can be used in the middle of nowhere.