As to your headline, "no".

For resolution/smoothness, there is nothing finer than TMX unless you get into document films like CMS20. Some don't like the look of it; I personally prefer Acros or Pan-F. Pan-F is harder to shoot in contrasty light, Acros is cheaper but has less red-sensitivity; I tend to use Acros 90% of the time.

Use XTOL 1+1 if you want a good combination of smoothness & resolution; it looks a bit like D76 but performs a tiny bit better in all ways (speed, resolution, smoothness). Use Rodinal if you want max resolution but no smoothing of the grain. Tonality of the two is different and a matter of personal preference.

40x40" from 6x6 is pushing your luck with any film though as that's an 18x enlargement; since you're doing it hybrid I would suggest that some interpolation, denoising and USM is in order to reach that scale.