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Winder turning ratio can be determined by an developed film in these cassettes and place a mark with graphite pencil on to winder knob and the camera.
It won't be consistent as you go through the roll, because as you take the film up onto the spool it gets thicker. So if you do your measurements based on how far you need to turn to advance 60mm with the takeup spool empty, your frames will get further and further spaced apart as you go towards the end of the roll. (But at least they won't overlap.)

35mm cassettes are fitting to the cavities perfectly without moving.
I would never have guessed this! Are you going to rewind into the original cassette, or unload the takeup cassette and develop from there? I guess either will work.

24x60 will be funny.
It's not too far off from 6x14 (which is what people get out of converted Kodak 3A cameras on 120); it seems like it'll be a good panoramic ratio. You should post some photos of the setup; I bet other people would like to do this.