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I'm a highschool senior and I started out on a minolta X-700. Perfect combination of P&S, plus a little manual if you want to get fancy. The aperture indexing finally kicked the bucket on mine, but not before I took it to germany and abused it greatly.

I believe I'm the only person under 18 who regularly uses and prints from an RB67. It's a strange state of affairs.

(and before you think "entitled", I paid for all of it myself or got it for free. Worked at Waffle House for much longer than any normal human should have to.)

Meant to give you props for getting into 6x7. Take lots of pictures of your friends and the places you hang out. If you can stand it, take pictures of family too. I've found as I get on with life, the photos from the old days, are the ones I like the most.