Polyglot, just invest in a back, save yourself the hassle. Ive been following the 70mm backs for a while on eBay, the SAME back is constantly re-listed, one was listed at $400 and I sent a private message as said "I've seen you re-list this 4 times, would you accept $100 with shipping?" And got my back for a fraction of the asking price.

You really only need 2 canisters, 4 if you are going crazy, and they still sell 15 foot Kodak rolls of 70mm for around $30, but it comes with a new canister so you get PRE-loaded film and a canister that's reusable. Not a bad deal.

I'm still not FULLY convinced about giving up 70mm but I'm getting there, however I spent a lot of time invested in gathering the components so I'm not sure I would sell very cheaply... So don't buy from me! Lol


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