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Hello, Guys. I recently was presented with 40 Tri-X 400 35mm expired in 1993. I donīt have much info regarding how they were stored, but Iīm almost sure they were not kept frozen. I guess they were stored on a shelf in a garage where room temperature ranged from 5° at winter to 35° at summer. They are in their original packing wrapped in plastic in bricks of twenty.

My question is: which ISO should I use? I tried some at 400 ISO and images were so faint that barely could be seen.

Thanks in advance for the help.
a couple of years ago i had some tri-x that had expired in 1978 -- i exposed it at asa 400 and developed normally in d-76, 1:1, and it came out a bit base-fogged but otherwise fine, the fog was like a neutral density filter, most of the images scanned just fine.

so shoot a roll and see what you get.