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Funny, I didn't even think about A vs. D. I just thought of different approaches.
I didn't think about it much either... My post was two unrelated thoughts: I often encounter people who only get digital. And I admire the still you mentioned.

Talking about still photographs vs extraction from immersive recording any technology is more interesting... Immersive recording could be giving an M2 to infinite monkeys. Or setting out disposable cameras for guests at a wedding.

I was going to make some witty comment about the flag raising being staged or being the second flag of the day... But after looking at the wikipedia article on it, I appreciate the battle was difficult and the fact it was second flag raising doesn't detract. Joe clarified that the staged shot occurred later. So I was left with amazed admiration for Joe Rosenthal. Even when you watch the video you see the iconic moment happened quickly and possibly only a few frames of the movie would have been comparable.