In a post I made a month or so ago, there was a problem with how long should the 1st development be when using the Tetenal 3 bath kit. For films - non Fuji, it was 6.5 mins for other films i.e those made by Fuji 7.5 mins was recommended. The problem as I saw it was the general consensus indicated that the Precisa film was made by Fuji (allegedly) but labeled Agfa. So what was the developing time? I developed the film last night where I rated it at 100ISO and used the times for Fuji 7.5min 1st development, 6 min colour development with a 7.5 min bleach/fix stage and this was almost perfect apart from a two or three exposure differences. All the rinse/final wash remained the same. As I said before the highlights were to all intents clear and the unexposed part of the leader/trailer also clear.

As for the unsharpness, I cannot give any answer, but This has got to be down to the focussing or camera shake.