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Kodak did not produce a peel apart product. It was produced internally but never sold on the open market.

Kodak did produce Ektaflex C and R for prints. They were sold up until the end of the lawsuit with Polaroid.

I ask one question here. Was the Polaroid win good or bad for us all using hindsight? Was the GAF / Pavell lawsuit good or bad for us all? IMHO, all of them were bad for all concerned.

The real question is, would Polaroid have been better served by offering to licence the patent to Kodak, say for 25 per unit, so that the Kodak film would have been slightly more expensive then the Polaroid films, would have made Instant film more common, would have helped both companies to some degree. I've long thought that when a company starts using it's patents as a revenue stream, stick a fork in it, it's done.