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Dear Stone,

PAN F + is a 'traditional' film, I have seen references to 'hybrid' films, no such film exists.... T.Max / DELTA Professional etc are CCG controlled crystal growth films.

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Cool thanks! Anything better than Ilfsol 3 that I should be using with my Pan F+?

Also, has ilford ever thought of creating their own version of Kodak's technical pan? Or buying the patent? The reason I ask is because its touted as the best and most missed B&W film. It's like the Kodachrome of B&W. As I recall it also wasn't fully B&W where in certain developers would also cause some slight blue (and perhaps magenta?) tones where there was heavy concentration of that color. As well as its super fine grain.

To be completely honest I have a few rolls from eBay, but honestly haven't used them yet, mostly because I want the images to be something worth shooting and developing with the unique color cast it deserves to have for such a good film. It would seem to me that it would be something that would benefit the B&W photographer and would sell well?


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