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The real question is, would Polaroid have been better served by offering to licence the patent to Kodak, say for 25 per unit, so that the Kodak film would have been slightly more expensive then the Polaroid films, would have made Instant film more common, would have helped both companies to some degree. I've long thought that when a company starts using it's patents as a revenue stream, stick a fork in it, it's done.
Kodak had worked out a settlement with Polaroid management, but Eddie Land vetoed it. Polaroid was paralyzed by fear of the rise of electronic imaging; they had more to loose than Kodak (at the time) because their business was based on instant imaging and electronic imaging offered that. They did produce some successful electronic imaging products (like film recorders), but although they developed several generations of digital cameras, they were afraid to bring them out until it was too late.