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I'm interested in getting a not so terribly expensive Nikon kit. I don't need metering so non-AI is fine with me.

I'm interested in these focal lengths: 28mm f2.0, 50mm f2.0, 105mm f2.5. Maybe a 20mm f3.5 or 20mm f4.0 too.

I'm undecided between some AI and non-AI variants. I believe some Nikkors have CRC. Should I go with any updated optics for these intended focal lengths?
I have two of the 50/2 lenses, a few years apart, one for each of my bodies. They remind me of a Summicron-R. I've had two of the f:1.4s, one of the f:1.2 50s, and the f:2.0s are the ones I kept for the image quality. They have a tiny bit of barrel distortion at the very edges, you have to look for it but it's there.

The 105 is everything you've heard it was. Maybe better. I hold mine (a Sonnar) in very high regard.

The 28/2.0 has CRC and a very good reputation, although I haven't used one.