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Expense, huh? Pardon me if I don't see the point. I would imagine dating somebody like Halle Berry might be expensive for the costs of a fine dinner and a nighclub but WHO CARES? A camera is a tool. How much did Hemingway spend on his beat up old manual typewriters? Does anybody care? If an expesive tool works for a person that that is what that person should use. This is just my humbug opinion.
What the heck are you talking about?

The only mention I see of expense is mine and this reply makes no sense to me unless I was badly misunderstood. Mt point is that you can spray hundreds of frames with abandon at every subject with digital and choose one later. Even with motor drives that just isn't practical to the same degree with film. Partly that's because of expense which escalates so rapidly as to become a factor for almost anyone if you shoot that wildly but it will also be limited by things like 36 shot film rolls. I haven't seen a bulk film back for a 35mm camera in a long time and even if you find one bulk color film is no longer available.

"Spray and pray" is just a lot more practical to a much greater extent with digital than with film. And in that sense this discussion of carefully recording a single moment verses shooting an entire sequence and selecting it later is something of a digital versus film discussion.