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What the heck are you talking about?

The only mention I see of expense is mine and this reply makes no sense.
I had to re-read this response too. I am sure desertratt badly misunderstood you. But the non sequitur was intriguing.

I'd often wondered what it'd be like to spend an evening with someone rich and famous. Hopefully they are your friend. And friends don't care how much money you have, they're just happy you're alive.

(I won't address "camera is a tool" because I just don't like that phrase).

I often think of the Star Trek tricorder when the immersive recording theme comes up... Conceptually, if you record everything around you for later analysis... Then someone can go in and pick out the frame later. In most cases I'd be repulsed with the results.

But what if the person doing the editing has an extraordinary graphic sensitivity (and no proclivity or ability to go out into the world to experience the original scene first-hand). The world could gain some equally extraordinary still photographs from the team of an explorer with curiosity and an editor back home.