The fact that cliveh likes to troll his digital vs analog stuff a couple of times a week is granted, pretty juvenile and the fact that pray and spray has been around long before digital, and whether it's easier with digital or not is debatable and pretty much beside the point, BUT cliveh also does pose some interesting questions buried under the surface.

The still image vs a movie or progression of shots is an interesting question. As a photographer, "nailing the shot" is important to me. But then for me I'm trying to nail the best of the expression I'm going for. If I was shooting action, then nailing the shot would definitely involve a motordrive, for the simple reason that I sooner get the shot, than worry if a bunch of guys at APUG, very few of whom are professionals or peers, would approved of the technique.

As for the impact of an individual shot vs a movie that's a tough one. I've been affected by individual shots, by their impact, whether it depravity or love or whatever. But not as much as I've been moved by a film or scene from a film, usually with music behind it.

So for me, both can have powerful impact but I've been more IMPRESSED by an individual shot but more MOVED by a movie or scene.