Now there is some confusion:

there was
Agfa CT Precisa

and there is
Agfaphoto CT Precisa

At least in its current version the AgfaPhoto one is not the same as the former one.

For those new to the Agfa subject:

AgfaPhoto is a designation used sparcely by Agfa since the late 90's or so to indicate their Consumer Branch.
However it was not used as brand.

When Agfa sold off that department in 2004 the new entity and its holding company got the name AgfaPhoto.

The life of that production company was only for some months, then it went mysteriously bancrupt. The holding company still exists.
It sold off remnants out of the film stock (either manufactured by Agfa or Agfaphoto). The AgfaPhoto APX is out of that stock. When their colour film stock ended they rebranded films from other manufacturers.

AgfaPhoto of today is not a manufacturer. Furthermore they license the name AgfaPhoto for different kind of photo-related products.

Agfa which is still alive and huge and still owner of the brandname Agfaphoto started a legal case against that rebranding with their name but lost the case.