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OK..............I'm back. Note to self. When loosening the screws that hold the lens board in place; keep in mind that there are tiny barrel type nuts on the backside. These tiny nuts, besides holding the lens board in place evidently also hold the bellows in place. There are also even smaller washers that will fall out. These washers are not all the same size. That matters because there is a very tiny shoulder on the screws. Luckily for me.....I realized that at least 4 of those washers were purely ornamental, and they are now decorating my workbench. As far as the lens is concerned.....as far as I could get was unscrewing it from the shutter. I googled an couldn't find info on how to separate it. After the fiasco with the lens board/bellows, all I'm in the mood for now is a Bacardi and Coke. I read where a little bit of cloudiness might not cause any problems anyway. If you tell me this is not true.......then I'll see about buying the spare lens from Rawhead. Thank you gentlemen for all of the replies.

PS.........I don't even wanna think about calibrating the rangefinder.
Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the Donkey. The lensboard is held in place by a latch, you're disassembling the front standard.
Go to Graflex.org and read the directions before you destroy the thing. Those washers are not ornamental, put them back where you found them.