So I went to pick up the camera. Overall, it looks to be in REALLY good shape. There are really only a few things that I can find slightly less than satisfactory at this point:

- The shutter sticks on bulb a little, otherwise all other speeds seem accurate.
- The shutter release button sticks a little, sometimes I kind of have to pull it out.
- There are only two or three specks of paint loss on the viewing window door.
- One side of the fork for the 35mm adapter is broken, however I tested it with an empty 35mm case and it still works fine.

All the shutter speeds aside from bulb seem to be accurate. The M/X sync switch moves freely. The self timer works. The shutter speed knob moves freely, as does the aperture knob, and the window that shows both is in tact and clear. All other knobs move freely as well. The inside is clean as a whistle too. It came with the original leather case, that still has the original Yashica satchel full of silica gel, as well as the original 635 manual too.

And as a bonus, I got a roll of Kodak Ektar "Special" that has been exposed and sealed. This guy and his father who originally owned the camera are sailors and as employment they delivered sailing vessels all over the world. I'm hoping that SOMETHING comes out when I send this up to the Darkroom for devloping.

Anyway, here are some pics. I think it was worth the price of $100.