I have multiple copies of just about every lens you mentioned.

As above, the 28mm 2.8 Ais with close focus really is excellent, Nikon took everything it learned from the 28mm f2 and put it into a cheaper smaller lighter closer focussing lens. That said, the 28mm f2 is still one of my very favorite. I'd look for this one first, even the old ones had the same optical formula and multicoating. The Ai 28mm 2.8 without CRC was an ok design, I had a few and yes it didn't fair very well against the F2 so those got sold. Not an awful lens, just doesn't compare to the better 28's.

The 24mm 2.8 are all great. The early metal barrel (and some select K versions) had a different optical formula, very subtle changes to the look of each one but both are fine, I prefer the early version for B&W. The 24mm f2 is very interesting, decent at 5.6-8 like all Nikkors but the bokeh close in and wide open or near to it is compelling, nice if you're into that....

OF the 20s, the one I carry the most NOW is the F4 version, only because its in the best condition and I don't need the speed of the 2.8 with the added weight. The 2.8 has more overall flare although quite contrasty and is very good close up. The 3.5 of mine is very worn, but is still sharp and despite a couple of nicks in the front element, still gives amazing images when shooting into the sun, F22 and an orange or red filter on B&W makes a very strong statement. I keep mine just for that look.

Can't go wrong with a 105mm 2.5, epic design. Of the mid-tele's, I have had a couple of 85mm f/2's and sold a few, I keep one around because it is crazy light and small, a good 'throw it in the bag' lens. Yes, its not as Great as the others, and yes its a bit softer wide open and close in but that ends up being quite nice with the ladies. And yes, like others have mentioned on the internet, it does have a slightly more muted color, but in these digital days nothing a push on the Saturation slider won't fix. I prefer either the 85mm 1.4 Ais if I need the speed and can deal with the weight or more likely either the AF 85mm 1.8 or if I need to be Vintage then an 85mm 1.8 H.C which is well worn but still a great performer, both the 1.8 are lighter than the 1.4 enough that adding the 1.4 will mean taking out 1 or 2 other lenses from the bag. Horses for courses!

I'm ever so slightly partial to the 50mm 1.8 Ai long nose, I feel its got the best balance of speed size weight bokeh and sharpness, as well as a delicate color rendition. But I am also very fond of the 50mm H.C, or Ai, brilliant color reproduction (really, does this have ED glass? amazing colors) and i very much like the bokeh at between f/2 and 2.8. THe H.C version doesn't focus that close but I carry a K1 Ring for those moments.

Good luck with your search. Let us know what you get!