Wow, thanks everyone for all the feeback - what a great forum ! The two images in my post are recent trials with Efke 25 and Rodinol (1:50). I quickly scanned them on an old Epson flatbed but haven't looked at them with a loop yet, but I really like the tonality - on another thread I was told either Rodinol or a Pyro with Efke 25. Will Pyro make that much of a difference ?

I'm surprised no one mentioned any other iso 25 films, how does their grain compare to 100 speed t-grain films like Delta/TMAX ?

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It's not going to get much finer grained than TMAX 100/Delta 100 in Xtol. That's your best bet. To be honest, Delta 100/D-76 isn't too far behind. I'd stick with it... Great work by the way!!

I had always assumed tmax and delta were the same, I'll add it to my list of combinations And thanks !

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Hi fatso:

By the way are you from Montreal?

I never had any luck with XTOL with Delta 100- my negatives were always severely overdeveloped, and I'm very careful with process temps, shutter speed calibration, dilution ratios... maybe I just had a bad batch of xtol - will give it another try.

And yes - from Montreal

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I can't imagine finer medium format combination than a tabular grain 100 speed film.

We haven't been offered a tabular grain 50 speed or 25 speed film so I don't know how you can do much better.

I'd experiment at least a bit with same film but 4x5 or 8x10 see if that is more satisfying.

Otherwise take some of the fine suggestions here.

Your example shows adequate shadow detail without evidence that you rated the film at half speed. But I want to point out that for the finest results, I believe you need to absolutely give the minimum exposure that provides shadow detail (instead of the safer "half box speed" technique that guarantees results but with potential for overexposure... which would mean more grain).
Hi Bill, your suggestion sounds interesting, how do I determine proper exposure ? Should I measure and expose for a different zone than 18% gray ?

As for 4x5, unless type 55 film becomes available again, I just don't have the patience !

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And the answer is... Diafine. Or a similar two-bath developer. I could list the reasons why this is the "magic bullet" but no less an authority than Sandy King has already done so in View Camera magazine, the article which you can find here.

I used Diafine with TMAX 400, flatbed scans and pigment prints. After being back in the darkroom for over a year, I recently pulled these prints out of the file and realized... gulp... they may be the nicest prints I've ever made.
Great article ! My hands are going to be full the next few weeks !!

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That is one nice image.
Thanks !

Here's another one from the series


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Concerning technical film, this stuff is also said to be amazing, but I have no personal experience with it:
Dying to try it. I used Techpan for large prints developed in Technidol - one of my favorites... it will be missed