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Really, cliveh?!? I've been on APUG for awhile, and I've always looked forward to blansky's participation and humorous takes in any forum, especially when he was mainly analog. He's only said what many of us have tried to broach perhaps more subtly, that your many posits can be a bit pedantic.

FYI: I have come to steer clear of cliveh treads, but as I am presently making a video with a GoPro2, I was sufficiently intrigued to stick a toe in the water. I totally accept the tool for what it is. The resulting video is merely a string of jpeg stills. And for the record (in case you didn't know), I shoot and print plenty of "stills" in film formats ranging from small to large. Brrrrrrrrrrrr....
There are 60,920 on APUG, sorry the three of you don't like me.