SOLD -- Seal 110 mounting press + 11x14 MT5 + tacking iron

Still available:

Bronica gear: Everything is in "Excellent+" to "Like New-" condition as defined by used camera site.

Two Bronica SQ-Ai bodies: $200/each
One 120-I film back (with dark slide): $125
Prism finder (with protective cover): $100
PS 50mm lens (perfect glass, not a scratch -- includes end caps and case): $250

Also, forgot to mention in previous posts:

Two B+W Neutral Density Filters with cases:
One is a 77mm 0.9 -- $50
The other is a 77mm 1.8 -- $50

Prices do NOT include UPS shipping from Des Moines, Iowa.

Payment via PayPal only.

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