Anyone shooting film, be it large format, medium format, 35mm or more obscure formats, pinhole, lomo or whatever, are all equally important to the community, I believe some of the older shooters out there may have their own opinion on lomo-shooters, but they DO indeed contribute.

Just recently, I visited a lab in the middle of Oslo (they hang around in the main building to our largest national newspaper), and they have devoted a very large section of their store to lomo-stuff.
The guy behind the counter (where they also had a stacked freezer full of film) told me they process and sell loads of film these days, both to more traditional folks and also a large part to the lomo-crowd.

Lomo is just another way of expressing yourself creatively and I am glad they do it using analog media.

Now, if APUG had a proper Lomo-forum, not only would they have another group of potential subscribers, the Lomo-shooters are the most probable people to sniff around and start checking out the traditional photography craft.

By not including them properly, or really trying to reach out to them, we're hurting the community more than we help it IMO. (someone needs to take over when we all die :P)