Got a piece of 4x5 groundglass for $4.00 at Midwest Photo today (went down into the basement), and had it cut down at the local hardware store to fit the Makiflex back. Luckily it didn't crack, and I did final finishing with a Dremel Emory Wheel on my Mini Drill Press. So I had some fun today and learned something - I didn't know you can sand and reshape sheet glass.

Now I need a bunch of 2x3 filmholders, maybe a couple of 2x3 Graphmatics, and 2x3 sheet film. Freestyle will have in stock Aristo EDU 100 and 400 in 2x3 Jan 1st.

This is fun. The new back has perfect groundglass focus, as do all my other backs. My Makiflex Standard is now packed into a Domke F2 Bag, along with two lenses, two Plaubel Makina 6x9cm 120 backs(one loaded with B&W, one color neg) and 6x9 sheet film septums loaded with B&W. So I will start seriously shooting with it.