I'd suggest using ortho sheet film, which should be easily available by order if it isn't in stock, as that is still made by Ilford, Agfa (branded Maco or Rollei) and Foma (probably, depends on the importer).

Loading and development could be done as you are working now, using the changing tent and the Paterson processor. Last time I was in the UK was a few months ago, but I recall it getting dark every evening - this will be a great help in blocking light from some small room or other, if you wish to set up a temporary darkroom. There is no need for running water or a drain in a darkroom as these can be in an adjacent, normally lit, room without much trouble (I have produced up to 16x20" prints in my darkroom with this arrangement).

Another alternative would be to use a paper negative, choosing a fixed-grade paper which is pretty much orthochromatic. Pre-flashing can assist you in contrast control if necessary. You might also look at the direct-positive paper from Ilford. The paper negs could be developed in your Paterson processor after minimal experimentation, if you have no alternative.

Final prints could be by contact-printing frame which you are probably already using for your salt-prints. Slow speed contact-paper is still available from (for example) Foma, so you could use the temporary darkroom idea and expose on to this material, or even ordinary paper, using a lightbulb as a light source.

It sounds an interesting and fun project. Good luck