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Hmmm. I don't believe that FE has an electronic shutter. I am pretty sure (actually, I'm certain) that the shutter in the FE is mechanical. I think that it is the same shutter mechanism as the FM. The FE2, however, has an electronic shutter. The predominant difference between the FE and FM is the FE's auto exposure mode. I don't have an FM any longer, but I have 2 FEs and an FE2 and I can snap the FE shutter just fine without a battery in it. At any shutter speed to boot. The FE2 (just like my FG) must be set to M90 or B to release the shutter without a battery.
Sorry, Nicholas. I have to correct myself. My post caused me to want to make sure of myself. So, I went off to do a test. My black FE body would raise the mirror, but only fire correctly in M90 and B without a battery. But, my chrome FE would fire at any shutter speed. That is, until I discovered an "offender" in the battery compartment. After removing the offending battery, the chrome body behaved the same as its sibling.

I am corrected.