Greetings Filmista's,

When I started shooting MF, I quickly fell in love with Delta 100...that was before trying FP4+. Since that fateful day, my supply of Delta 100 has lanquised in the freezer, neglected.

Since I have a few rolls of the stuff doing not much at all, I have decided to have a bit of a play with other developers to see what I can get out of it. In the past, I have been a strictly D76 person (Is that the 'missionary' of dev's?), but I have relented and bought some Rodinal, which I will soup some D100 in to see what I will get.

So, firstly, what are peoples preferred way of processing Delta 100 in Rodinal (please also mention recommended agitation).

Secondly, do you have a favourite Delta 100/dev combo? I'm curious to hear what others are doing with that film