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Best for low resolution and fine grain, get a couple of rolls of Pan-F, pull it to 25ASA, soup it in ID-11 or D76 you don't need anything special here.
Best all round film I find with a nice balance between speed and grain, you can't really beat FP4 again you don't need an exotic developer, it works nicely in ID11 or D76.

I can't comment on the Kodak B&W films, I have not used any of them since I discovered Ilford in 1980.

If your scanning, then try Ilford's XP2 Super, it's probably the best to scan with, Ilford says it's okay to pull it, as low as 50 and push to 800, with a standard C41 process. ICE and other stuff, that normally pukes on standard B&W should be fine with it.
Have you given Ilfsol 3 a try with Pan F+? Also, you mention shooing at 25ASA and pulling it, are you saying its finer that way or just looks better somehow? Interested, it's my favorite B&W these days but I haven't pulled it. Thanks.


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