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On Wednesday evening I finally threw out the dead XTOL and got around to making some D316 concentrate and have processed one 35mm film. It worked!
Jason, congratulations on getting it to work! Let's take a look at the high pH.

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1) I started with 17ml PG per liter, so 80ml total. I should have ended up with 110ml of finished concentrate, but instead ended up with 120ml.
Assuming all water was steamed out, the chemicals should increase the volume of solution by about 4 ml/L. So 16 ml of PG yields 20 ml of concentrate. You got 120 ml, and assuming it was hot long enough to steam-out all the water, you must have started with (120/5)-4 = 20 ml of PG. Do you think that's possible?

Regardless of what happened, you got 120 ml, so you should use 120/5 = 24 ml/L of concentrate. You used 22 ml, which is not enough and would cause the pH to rise a little (concentrate pulls down the pH). But I doubt that lack is enough to bring it up to 8.3. Is your pH-meter calibrated? I've found that they soon go way out of cal. Anyway, it sounds like you're close enough. You might try it without adding acetic acid and using 24 ml/L, and then dial-in the correct time.

The 1.9 factor is a reasonable starting-point. Today I'm dialing in the time for Tri-X, and a roll that's now drying should tell me how close I got.

Oh, the 4-mol vs 8-mol should make no difference. You correctly used 3*5 g of 8-mol, which is fine. OTOH, I haven't actually tested 8-mol, so I'm only going on theory here.

Anyway, once you get the time figured out, I'd like to see scans of what you get.

Mark Overton