That’s quite a haul. The big enlarger is an Omega D. The photo is too crude for me to be sure, but the enlarger is likely an Omega D2 manual focus enlarger or possibly a D3 or D4 cam & roller mechanical autofocus enlarger. You can find the model tag on the back of the column or in some cases on the side of the column. The D2 is quite desirable. If it’s a D3 or D4 autofocus, the machine can still be used, but is more of a time-saving special-purpose machine intended for a high-volume commercial lab.

The D3 and D4 use a long linear cam and a cam follower wheel to automatically keep the machine in focus as the head is raised for larger prints or lowered for smaller ones. You have to have the proper cam mounted for each focal length lens and changing the cams is a hassle. The cams can be bought but are hard to find and can be expensive. Hope that the machine is a manual focus D2 as this is much more practical than the D3 or D4 autofocus enlargers.

The D2, D3, and D4 enlargers have a relatively short bellows. They use either a flat lens plate for lenses of 50mm-105mm, extended plates for 135mm or 150mm lenses, and recessed-cup plates for lenses as short as 25mm. Using various length lens mounts compensates for the short bellows so that you can use a wide range of focal lengths. The maximum film size is 4” x 5”.

Note: Although D2 flat lens mount plates, extended lens cones, and recessed-cup lens mounts look similar they are different than those used on the D3 and D4, which uses a slightly different set of mounts.

If you look here and click onto “Discontinued Enlargers” you can get see photos and descriptions of the D2, D3, and D4. The listings give a long list of the components and Omega’s part numbers.

The Chromega D Dichroic (diffusion) lamp house on the enlarger is a current model and works very well with both color or B&W enlarging papers. You can click onto the link “Color Heads” on the KHB site to read the details. The Standard Power Supply for the D Dichroic color head is shown on the countertop. It is a 120-volt to 24-volt step-down transformer with the dedicated 6-blade socket to accept the mating plug from the dichro head.

The smaller enlarger to the left is an Omega B66XL. It’s equipped with the condenser head. You can also mount the Chromega Dichroic B color head which will require the power supply (120-volt to 27-volt step-down transformer). This enlarger is intended for films of up to 6 x 6cm and has a generously long column that permits making 16” x 20” prints with a normal focal length lens.

All together, the combined prices of the equipment shown was several thousands of dollars when new. The D Dichroic head alone is currently priced at $1,918.50 at B&H without the power supply. You scored a tremendous deal.