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Lomographers are good for the analog community in general, since their use of film makes our favorite photographic medium more commercially viable in the long run. Besides that I see little mutual benefit between these two groups, and anyone interested in both is able to join as many forums as one wants to cover the whole range of interests.
Getting them into the "fold" is the best way to teach and expand their minds a little.

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Look at this thread if you want to see what happens when APUGs known experts in photo chemistry run into lomographers. Astronomic units can't describe the distances these two worlds are apart.
Frankly, I don't see the relation of this crazy lady picking on our PE and Lomography.

Lomography is about shooting expired/iffy film, on the fly (more or less to capture a moment) with dodgy cameras, creating unexpected effects from the dodgy optics, light leaks and/or from processing the dodgy film.
- It's just an art-form (hipster art some may say).

The crazy and angry lady in the thread in question was just your average internet passive-agressive weirdo, kind of unfair making her a representative of a whole new generation of photographers.

Besides, that thread should have been moved to alternative processing, where APUG'ers often try out processing film in everything from potatoes to Ketchup