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I... can't... resist... gotta... try... real... hard...
AHHHHHHHHHHHHH... will the fences be participating in the 300m high hurdles or the Steeple Chase???
Sorry Steve!! If there is no tournament, I hope to see you there. Keep an eye on this thread for final destination.

Actually there are three events: "Two-strand tie and toss", "razorwire pentathlon" and "picket polevault". There used to be four, but the 'White Lightning shock crawl' was eliminated by the IOC after complaints from numerous humanitarian organizations that it was cruel to the competitors. Damn bureaucrats! Don't they realize that these people train for these events? The pain is part of the competition!

It's not like they still electrify the spectator seats. That was truly wrong (no matter how funny it was to watch).

I am, in fact, not going to VT. Is there a final plan on a meeting this weekend?