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I have two... but don't tell my wife!

I have two 10x8's as well but as they look the same I just make sure they never get seen together

I have the opposite problem with many of my cameras, my wife wants some left on display when not in use - in Turkey and each tome we travle back from the UK wants me to take others !!!!! some have just been restored and are still untried so that's not on. I recently managed to overcome this when I found a bargain box of cameras at a camera fair and bought duplicates at 1-3 each, but that also threw up jewels like a mint Zorki C and a very nice post WWII Ikonta, so ironically that makes it worse.

My biggest problem is going to be explain the whole plate camera I have sat waithing for me to collect in 2 weeks when she knows I've two others bought as parts plus another early half plate camera that just needs new bellows. I guess the upside is they are worth mor5e than I paid for them, an identiacl half plate camera again missing its bellows sold for more than 3x what I paid, and its the same for the whole plate camert.

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Ok, there is a real easy solution to your problem. Just tell her you picked it up for $20 at a garage sale because the seller said that no one wants a film camera, especially a large bulky one. See just tell her that and everything will be ok!
That sounds about right.

Luckily I am picking up cameras at camera fairs and flea markets very cheaply and usually restoring them so they are worth significantly more than I paid, even more if I sold them in the right places in Turkey wher old cameras are real collectors items.