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So I just decided all my film is organized terribly, in that I did it by what I would use most vs least not by color or size, but now I can't find stuff or I'm forced to open a frozen container for that one roll of 116 I wanted to shoot etc.

Two things, one is I'm "done" shooting old film. I plan to use up what I have, enjoy the nostalgia and move on, the only thing I will do is still use my old folders so I plan to do a bunch of re-rolling of 70mm into 116/616 spools.

But in the mean time if I don't freeze it, the old stuff will be even worse.

So how do you organize your film? Any suggestions B&W / CN / slide or by Kodak / ilford or by 120/135/116/70mm or what?

I may not heed anyone's advice and take bits and prices of it but I want to get a sense of those who have a good storage flow for them. Thanks!

I don't have a lot of film but I'm defrosting my freezer so I can show it all.

Yes I know to keep Polaroid flat that was just for display, and some stuff is still defrosting so the bags aren't permanent and can be adjusted, everything will go into "snapware" which is like Tupperware but better and good for freezers.

Right now it's just in piles of B&W / CN / Transparency and then separated by size 120/116/13570mm etc.

The few oddballs I'll just have to deal with, but I'm sort of curious what others suggest?



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