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The fuji instant you have should probably not be frozen. Fridge would be better. Me, I stick to less variety of film options. TMY2 is 95% of what I've got my in my freezer. I bag it up by size. 120/4x5/8x10,etc...
Yea I know that too, I should have clarified that in asking about the film not Polaroid stuff. But thanks for the warning.

I'm really trying to get this stuff gone through so I can buy more Pan F+, Tmax400, Delta3200 and Velvia/Provia and be done with the rest, I would sell this portra 120 I have to someone but its mostly expired except the "new" portra is new and the Ektar is brand new, I would trade it for tmax400 or pan F etc. too, anyway for now I just want it organized. Some of this stuff HAS to go to the freezer because its expired, anything expired goes to the freezer unless I'm ready to use it tomorrow


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