Bloody Good Tour!

Boots and me got back to Sin City at 10.30pm after a late munchi-stop in Cranbourne, and I was shortly on the road back to Geelong arriving 11.30, and in my cot by midnight! Excellent timing.

It was a marvellous day out, and a revelation: I have never previously been to Phillip Island in hot weather, so the huge crowd at Magiclands (Woolamai) was a surprise. The fact remains the weather conditions conspired against us, but this in no way is a slight against the success of the day. A lunch detour at relatively peaceful Rhyll filled us up with fish n chips.
It was great to be at the Cape after a long absence, the company was most interesting and educational and the drama of the seething sea kept me rockhopping in anticipation of being swamped any moment.

Some other places we explored leading up to the APUG meet: Kitty Miller Bay and Pyramid Rock. There is a wreck of an old steamer visible at low tide at Kitty Miller (access via Kitty Miller Road). The latter has significant scenic merit, but the terrain is quite rough and steep (away from the boardwalk); I deduce from seeing people on the rocks far below that is must somehow be possible to get down to the water from the lofty perch. The diversity of colour (the stunning turquoise hue of the water was eye candy at its best), texture and dramatic visual splendour made quite an impact on me — enough to have me contemplate the sublime scene over a conveniently stashed (and liquified) Mars Bar.

Having got that one out of the way, the only question I have now is, "When's the next one?"

Thanks Lachlan for the fifth Mars Bar for the day. And the beer too!