Tri-X developed in D316 for 12.75 minutes looks good. Here are the density-curves of D316 and XTOL:


Curves: In the graph, you can see that D316 is close to XTOL, but provides a little more linear gradation as you go from midtones into highlights.

Grain: In my loupes, grain of D316 ranges from same as XTOL to slightly better than XTOL, depending on density.

Sharpening: D316 sharpens Tri-X some, but clearly less than XTOL (sharpening of TMY-2 is about the same). If you want high sharpening, D316 with Tri-X is not for you. But lower sharpening is a benefit if the fringes (Mackie lines) from sharpening bother you.

Overall, I prefer D316 over XTOL due to its nicer grain and better linearity.

Mark Overton