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Oh, here it comes, "think of the children!" Sorry, i dont buy it. In my opinion parents are responsible for their children. Even if a child stumbled upon access to the gallery (it's subscriber only) the signal to noise ratio for something to abuse ones self to is giant. Do you seriously think some kid is going to self flagellate to a tintype? And if they did, what of it? As you say in a later post, this isn't the era of finding a playboy in the bushes. Hell, I used to use the JC Penney catalogue. It's as old as time, and genuine human behavior that you cant stop. If my son spends his time hitting the APUG gallery I would be mightily impressed, particularly in light of what is available.

All the blather of this sort does simply one thing, it screws up children who then grow into screwed up repressed adults with huge hang ups about their bodies and their sexuality.
There is not enough agreeing in the world to express my agreement here.