Up for sale is my beautiful SL66e camera set. Everything is in excellent+ condition and fully functioning. The camera has a few signs of use mainly on the crank. Shutter speeds are accurate. The focus is smooth and even, most of these have focus that have spots that are a little tighter feeling than other spots but this one is perfectly even throughout. Bellows look new and are light tight. The included back is in great shape with little sign of use. The mating surfaces between the camera and back show almost no sign of wear. The included 80mm lens is a HFT lens with metering stud, lens came with the camera. Again, some SL66e's come with a lens that is either non-HFT or has an add-on e-ring to make the lens communicate with the camera. You can tell the newer lenses by the black aperture ring, the older lenses have a silver aperture ring. The glass in the lens is pristine, the rest of the lens shows little to no sign of use. Comes with cap. The meter in the camera works great and is accurate.
The case is a rare item, not many sold over the 20 years they were available and the ones that were sold are usually beat up, this one is mint- condition and includes the mint- condition original strap.
The 50mm lens is a non HFT lens but will work with the camera using a separate meter. These can easily be converted to use with the camera meter by adding either an e-ring or using double sided tape to put a small tab on the lens in the proper place. The glass is pristine, rest of lens is mint-. comes with both caps.
The 150mm lens is in the same great condition as the other lenses, perfect glass and little sign of use.
The 250mm lens is also pristine glass and little sign of use.
The prism finder is a 45 degree finder and rotates on the camera so that you can use it in any position. The image created is bright and clear. There is a small bit of wear on the leather surface and some light usage marks throughout. The glass is clean and clear with no fungus, haze or inclusions. The glass closest to the focus screen has some wear on the bluish coating but this has no effect on it's use and cannot be seen in use, there is no loss of brightness. The finder comes with its original case.

I'm putting reasonable prices on all pieces and will combine pieces for a discount if someone wants to buy the whole set or a few items together.

SL66e camera with 120/220 back, WLF, 80mm lens with cap, original strap. $1690.00
50mm Distagon lens with both caps. $450.00
150mm Sonnar lens with both caps. $390.00
250mm Sonnar lens with both caps. $450.00
45 degree rotating prism finder with case $250.00

Prices include shipping in the USA only. I don't like paypal fees so I'd prefer a bank transfer, Amazon payments, cash in person, USPS Money orders, but if you'd like the speed and convenience of paypal I have been a member there for over 13 years and will accept it but I'd ask that the buyer pay the 3% fee. I give good, accurate descriptions and will accept a return of any item within a reasonable time if the buyer is not happy with the item not matching the description.

I also have numerous small items for the system such as Rollei and B&W filters and some hoods for the lenses. These items can be bought with the lenses or the set at a very good price or others can inquire about them.

Thanks, Bob Nancarrow in Michigan.