I have the older (and even more basic) 1948 Ikonta 521/16 with essentially the same lens and I love it. You will learn a lot about light. Put it on a tripod with Tmax 100, Ektar, or even Velvia and you will get wonderful, almost 3d negs. I've found a sweet spot using tmax 400 for walking around and shooting handheld. Like you say, it's nice to have those big negs in such a small body. It is a medium format camera that you really can actually carry around with you without a lot of fuss. At its age, the shutter speeds might just be suggestions. You would be well advised to part with another $100 for a CLA. Then you'll have a camera that should be good for another 30 years. After CLA the 65 year old Compur shutter on mine is within a couple thousandths at all shutter speeds.