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Not really; the 1 minute agitation times actually work out pretty well. It gives me enough time to run around the house and get other little jobs done while it's developing. I actually make it a rather productive time. Since I develop film in my kitchen and not tucked away in a darkroom, in between agitations I get the dishwasher loaded, countertops cleaned, maybe get a load of laundry going, etc. I actually don't mind it as much as, say, TX400 in D-76. Even though it's 1/2 the amount of development time, the 30 second agitations don't really give me any time to turn my back and get anything else done.

Having said that, my primary B&W is TX400 in D-76, which I actually find rather laborious to develop as it requires pretty much constant attention. That and I find the 120 size MUCH more annoying to spool than Ilford films. Oh but that classic Kodak look.... makes it all worth it!
I can get coffee through the machine, do an agitation then steam milk before next agitation